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CCTV & Security
CCTV, Security, Alarms, Access Control & more

Midwest Refrigeration & Electrical provide all your CCTV, alarms systems, access control, video monitoring intercoms, as well as a large range of automation solutions for your business, home, holiday home, boat, caravan, truck and anything else that needs protecting.

When you have something that is very important to you and you require a solution to keeping it protected and safe. Contact Us and find out why we are different and how we are best suited to helping you.

We work with you and listen to what you need. And once we have this knowledge we will come up with the right solution for our needs, not just a generic kit solution that is quite often not right for most CCTV and security installations. These offerings are usually provided by installers that don't care about your needs, only what is easiest for them. This is where we are different, our solutions are custom designed for each and every situation. Giving you an individual solution based on YOU.

And rest assured that we are registered security installers, along with being registered cablers, complete with 'structured cabling endorsements' which is an important part as most systems are now able to be connected to the communications network, which requires this endorsement above the standard open type endorsement. As well as being 'A' grade electricians.

Short term & Hire Systems

Going away on a holiday? Have a rental property? Running a special event? Wedding? 21st?
Any of these and more can benefit from our short term rental options. From a home alarm system to a mobile CCTV system, we can provide you with a temporary solution to ensure that your holiday or event is protected and trouble free. Email us for more info and to find out how we can help you.
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Protect what matters to you

As unfortunate as it is, the current issues with crime and that general feeling of things just not being as safe as they used to be, is not going to get any better. This is why a good alarm, cctv, and access control system is important to give you peace of mind that you, and what matters to you are better protected. This is where we can work with you to come up with the best solution for you, not what we want to do, but what you need done to give you the best protection available.

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