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Home automation components

Automation, more than you expect.

Automation has become much more than just turning on and off a few lights, or making a blind go up and down. Now we can control just about everything, from air conditioning, lighting, heating, blinds, doors, garage doors, security, cctv, irrigation and even appliances and powerpoints. The range is huge. This opens up so many more options to make your home or business much more convenient and user friendly. At the touch of a button, or when the door locks on your way out in the morning, scenes can be set, depending on what is needed at the time. Lights can dim down and then turn off, alarms can set, cameras can start recording, doors can lock and the sprinkler system can start. And then when you come home, as the front door automatically unlocks when you walk towards it, lights will turn on, blinds will go up(or down) music can start playing to relax you. Fountains can turn on and you can just sit down and unwind, in perfect comfort as the air conditioning had turned on an hour before you got there. And this is only the beginning.

Assisted Living Solutions

Unfortunately it is a part of life, even though some of us may still think we are still in our 20's! We all get old and sometimes lose the ability to function independently in our own home.
This is where assisted living automation comes in. It helps people to stay in their own home for longer, letting them keep maintain their independence and reduce the reliability on other family members or even retirement villages or nursing homes. With a large range of options for each individual, our automation and assisted living solutions can be a life changer for many people. From simple solutions like larger and touch free switches, to the nurse call type stations, there is a product available to keep you in your home longer.
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